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miami beach air conditioning repair

Miami Beach Air Conditioning Repair

Now is the time to upgrade your Miami Beach air conditioning repair service, and get more from your system. There are tax credits and rebates you may qualify for so call now for Miami Beach air conditioning repair. We repair and install all the major brands of HVAC equipment including Trane, Carrier, Bryant, Lennox, Ruud, Rheem and more. Do not let yourself get in a position where you need Miami Beach emergency air conditioning repair, or if you do, make sure that you call us first. Miami Beach air conditioning repair just got a lot easier now that you have found us!

Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps and Furnaces

Your heating and cooling system is expensive and must be cared for just like you care for your car. Once a year and even better twice a year you should have our technicians check up or tune up your Miami Beach air conditioning repair. These preseason tune ups are so cheap its ridiculous but the money you will save is substantial. If your equipment lasts one of two years longer and you consume ten percent less electricity and natural or lp gas you will save a lot. This keeps all of your Miami Beach AFUE and SEER numbers as high as they can go, which is a good thing.

Miami Beach Heat Pump

Miami Beach is hot in the summer and warm in the winter. This is ideal for a Miami Beach heat pump. Heat pumps perform just like a conventional air conditioning system during the hot, muggy summer months. Then a valve reverses the flow of the refrigerant in the winter and the equipment is able to extract heat from the outside air and hump it into your dwelling. These technologically advanced units are able to move up to four times the heat as they consume in electricity. Natural gas furnaces can not exceed 97 percent efficiency. Now you know why everyone in the Miami Beach area has a heat pump. These are not your daddy’s Miami Beach Furnaces, but they will heat and cool your home adroitly. Miami Beach air conditioning repair is also the preeminent Miami Beach heat pump repair guys on the block too.

Dehumidifiers Lower Humidity With Miami Beach Air Conditioning Repair

Are you looking to increase your family’s comfort and still lower your utility bills? Then install a Miami Beach dehumidifier by Honeywell or Aprilaire. We also have models available from all the A/C manufacturers. too. The equipment connects to existing duct work and will drain automatically. Convenience is the key. If you already own a portable unit you know how great these work. Lower the humidity and you feel more comfortable without lowering the temperature. and a properly humidified home requires less Miami Beach air conditioning repair, typically.

One way to reduce your Miami Beach air conditioning costs is to install an all in one dehumidification, ventilation, and filtration unit that does not cool the air. Therefore it only uses 6.2 amps of electricity, a fraction of what it takes to run your Miami Beach air conditioning system. It can remove 90 pints of water from the air per day. The unit provided fresh air ventilation and Merv 11 filtration. And its ENERGY STAR® rated, too!